Sunday, July 09, 2006

Last Night In Melbourne

Another tram departed and across the street some of the drunken nightlife passed by, accompanied by a chalk sign advertising $2 slices. Chilled hands retreated into sleeves in a vain attempt to escape the cold night air as I waited for my friend.

Eventually she emerged from the human traffic, her formerly dreaded hair no longer stood out from a distance. It was some time until the next tram so it was decided that walking was in order, we headed up Elisabeth street and talked about our respective goings on before hopping a passing tram the rest of the way to Sidney road where we found the small but lively Brunswick hotel.

A skinny boy in a striped shirt met us outside, a friend of hers and a fellow Monash student, though I'd not met him before, he turned out to be quite cool and a saxophone player no less. We went inside where Hooch was already sitting at a table, I already liked this place better than my previous experience of Melbourne’s bars (another story), we pulled up some chairs just as eon began to play their 'sexy blues'.

All in all it was a good night, after the set had finished hooch offered a ride back to the far eastern suburbs which I gladly accepted. Several hours later (possible exaggeration) and after numerous long and unplanned detours, that were quite enjoyable in themselves, I found myself at Saturday night's end.


At July 10, 2006 1:59 am, Blogger Erica said...

Thanks for coming along to watch, Adam! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself. The Brunswick Hotel is rather smokey and seedy as far as Melbourne Bars go, there are many more much cooler places you must be taken to. Unfortunately I don't know too many of them myself, so I'll have to ask around to give you some suggestions.

At July 10, 2006 7:05 pm, Blogger Hooch said...

hmm....sorry about all the detours....(only partly my fault - the large part)....that's what I call Going On An Adventure.......

At July 12, 2006 10:19 pm, Blogger Adam said...

erica - Thanks, I'd love to hear about new cooler places to check out, and hopefully discover a few myself along the way.

Hooch - Not at all, a good adventure is always welcome.

At July 18, 2006 11:50 pm, Anonymous hooch said...

Next time we can go hunting woozels!


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