Saturday, July 22, 2006

A MySpace obsession

Perhaps it's the lack of other distractions or maybe just a desperate vie for attention, but I seem to have fallen into the hadean masses, doomed to spend my existence trying to convince people I don't know to tell other people I don't know that they are my friend.

I am of course talking about MySpace the self-proclaimed 'networking' tool, which everyone knows is just the world's largest popularity contest. Against my better judgment I've recently jumped onto this bandwagon of the damned, creating myself a profile and checking its progress far too frequently.

Yet I cannot seem to bring myself to delete this indiscretion. So I have retreated here to a blog of my own, hopefully I will be safe from its reaches here in my forgotten little corner.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006


I'm sitting around at home being blissfully unemployed and pleasantly unoccupied. And while I'm doing this I thought I'd share some of my aimless webby-wanderings with you my readers, or rather all three of you according to my stats.

I first saw this at a party late one night, its by some guys who were just doing videos for fun and got picked up MTV. This is one of my favorites. White Power!
While you're there check out some of their other stuff.

Ever wanted to be emo but just didn't know how? Here's an informative video to get you on your way.

As a Monty python fan I found this one most interesting. Trust me you haven't lived until you've seen the crew of the USS enterprise sing the 'Camelot' song.

Ever considered how grossly disfigured many of the worlds cartoon characters are? No? Well this guy has.

And lastly here's a list of somewhat famous people who share my birthday, as well as some people who died or were married on my birthday, but that's not nearly as interesting.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

What's Mary Poppin' ?

The last Tuesday of the holidays brought yet another venture into the Melbourne winter, this time movies at crown were my destination. The casino is a place I've never really liked, despite its opulent façade it seems to feel hollow, full of people going about the things that I can only imagine are meant to make them happy, a living death under the eternal brightness of signs and flashing things.

But I digress, back to the story. Somewhere along the way I met up with the others and we got our tickets to pirates of the Caribbean. With an hour till show time we opted to get something to eat, or rather they got various forms of dead chicken and I was disappointed with the vegetarian alternatives.

Soon after, we headed up to the cinema foyer where we waited and talked, conversation turned to classic childhood films such as Mary Poppins, which evidently not everyone had been exposed to.” Marry poppins? Isn’t she the one who made the kids do drugs?... and then sings about it being sweet?" was Emma's puzzled response, which must have been the most unusual interpretation of 'A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down' I've ever heard.

What's more disturbing is that she had seemingly gone her entire life without it ever even striking her as odd that Disney had randomly broken form and released a film about a drug peddling nanny. This got me wondering about what other dark subtexts may be lurking in children’s entertainment and what they may be doing to the fragile minds of scores of confused youngsters. I must say though that I'm not all that shocked that Mary should be getting the kiddies high as kites (up to the highest heights no doubt), drugs and depravity are rife in children’s entertainment if only you look a little below the surface.

For example a bad case of withdrawal certainly would explain pooh bear's constant sniffing and craving for sweet things. Then there's Mr. Squiggle who was such a vicious coke addict that hardly a day went by when he didn't go on one of his 'space walks', a misplaced pencil and a weakened septum giving Mr. squiggle his familiar look in an attempt to do lines of 'chalk dust' off the back of black board gone horribly wrong. Or 'High Five', enough said.
Coincidences? Perhaps. All I can say is that if parents are going to dump their kids in front of a couple of fruits chasing after 'bears' all day they'd better hope that those really are just bananas in their pajamas.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Last Night In Melbourne

Another tram departed and across the street some of the drunken nightlife passed by, accompanied by a chalk sign advertising $2 slices. Chilled hands retreated into sleeves in a vain attempt to escape the cold night air as I waited for my friend.

Eventually she emerged from the human traffic, her formerly dreaded hair no longer stood out from a distance. It was some time until the next tram so it was decided that walking was in order, we headed up Elisabeth street and talked about our respective goings on before hopping a passing tram the rest of the way to Sidney road where we found the small but lively Brunswick hotel.

A skinny boy in a striped shirt met us outside, a friend of hers and a fellow Monash student, though I'd not met him before, he turned out to be quite cool and a saxophone player no less. We went inside where Hooch was already sitting at a table, I already liked this place better than my previous experience of Melbourne’s bars (another story), we pulled up some chairs just as eon began to play their 'sexy blues'.

All in all it was a good night, after the set had finished hooch offered a ride back to the far eastern suburbs which I gladly accepted. Several hours later (possible exaggeration) and after numerous long and unplanned detours, that were quite enjoyable in themselves, I found myself at Saturday night's end.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Now where did I leave that semester?

Well first semester has blown past in what seems like only a few weeks, no more worry about exams or assignments, I'm on break for the next two weeks and so I thought I might reflect on some choice moments from this year...

First there was enrolment day. Selected my units and then off to get a student card, but not before being accosted by socialists brandishing petitions, if you've never asked a socialist to explain socialism I don't recommend it... a long winded explanation later, that surmounted to something like 'everyone should have everything but no one should have less than they have now, and no one should have to pay for things because capitalism is bad', they tried to sell me a copy of their propaganda magazine. I did however sign up for host scheme camp which for the most part was an awesome three days.

There have been cool new people; the humorous Hooch, my o-week mentor, to whom you can say the most unexceptional thing and with a slight raise of the eyebrows her eyes will light up with manic glee as if you had just told her that the entire socialist alternative movement were deathly allergic to bees and you happened to have a hive on you and the keys to their office. The intriguing Erica who's blogging prowess lead me to start one of my own.

And there have been a great many days made vague by lack of sleep, but occasionally yielding nice little moments like this one:
Waking just in time to see Monash arrive at my bus I more ventured out into the cold Melbourne air. Making my way through the rainforest that grows between the Menzies and biomed buildings, I checked my phone -9:30- and continued on to my 9am chem lecture. Fragments of lively conversation drifted to my ears from a group of students ahead of me, nothing exactly deserving of philosophical enquiry, "Hey, you guys get that e-mail 'bout the Ming-wing being a death trap?"...."Wouldn't it be funny to kill a cow in wholefoods"...I paid them little attention, that is until the previously silent little asian girl with them said this “I wonder if you can use 'the force' to get off?” everyone was silent; this made me smile as we parted ways.

There are other memories but it's getting late now. I'll try to post again soon.

Blog The First

And so it starts, an online attempt to preserve some of my daily museings and memories. There have been blogs before, most of which have since faded into obscurity, but I'm hopeing this one will survive. So to all those who may find this, I hope you find some amusement in my record of the world forgot.